Tuesday, June 28

Lose Weight Tips

Do you belong to those who have weight problems but do not know how to resolve it? Here are 10 steps for you to lose weight besides from entering the weight loss program.
  1. Record the initial status of the body, measure the waist, thighs, arms and chest. Then, weigh and record.
  2. Specify a realistic weight as down 2-3 kg in the first month. 
  3. Exercise is better than sleeping at home. 
  4. Repetition of food with reduced calories. 
  5. Choose a balanced diet according to food pyramid system.
  6. Eat a reasonable amount of protein such as chicken, fish, meat, tofu, eggs (white), beans. 
  7. Reduction in carbohydrates to help lose weight. 
  8. Fiber such as vegetables and fruits. 
  9. Drink enough water, such as taking 2.5 liter per day. 
  10. Check the calories on the label before buying food.
So guys, hopefully this step will help you to solve your lose weight problem.

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Terence said...

Thanks for sharing your invaluable insights. Lost weight is a global problem.